Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nail Help!

Hello my lovely ladies :)

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of post recently! There is literally only one excuse:
My nails are so weak I've had to stop putting polish on them!

They are peeling everywhere, not the the white parts but in the centre of the nail as well, making me worry about the overall health of my nails!

I'm not sure what's brought this on but I don't feel comfortable putting polish and therefore polish remover on weak nails.

I've been trolling the internet for some kind of treatment, something that can help them grow strong like they used to! I'm thinking the OPI treatments, Sally Hansen, etc.

Does anyone have any that they have tried and loved? Please comment below, my nails will be eternally grateful! Also, if you know of any supplements that will help them out please let me know also, I'm keen to get back into nail painting for you :)

Becky xx