Friday, 4 May 2012

My next paycheck...

Here's the thing, I have a problem. Not so much a problem but an addiction. An online shopping addiction!
I an always online on my favorite sites, looking at the newest and most fabulous things I can find! Unfortunately I always forget the things I find, so I thought what better way to remember them than to post the links on here, and in doing so I can also share my finds with you!

Today I was on the Joe Browns website. For those of you that don't know Joe Browns is a British company that sells high quality, reasonably priced clothing online. They specialise in "Indie" style clothing which isn't really my thing but I always manage to find some thing(s) that I love!

Floral Jeans, Wedges,  Bikini, Floral Skirt, Stripey Jumper, Grey Camisole, Scarf, Navy Camisole, PJ Bottoms

As you can see there's a definite pattern this spring! Loving the navy/blue hues and the gorgeous floral prints!
Let me know what you think of me doing this, I've certainly got plenty more where this came from!

Becky xx

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  1. Really interesting post, cool site too!! Keep up the good posts !