Saturday, 3 December 2011

Review : Topshop Polish!

Topshop "Cut the Mustard"

Topshop "Domestic Goddess"

As you do on a rainy saturday in Lancaster, we took a trip to the Trafford Centre in Manchester with the girls and the boyfriend! It was sooo busy, obviously not a good idea to go to a massive shopping mall on a gloomy saturday a couple of weeks before Christmas! It was gorgeous though, very festive and happy. Got to see a naked crazy man dipping himself in a fountain and Stuart from "Hot Like Us" on BBC3 (if you are tragic enough to watch that show), topless and in Santa trousers, ay-ay! As I was buying loads of xmas pressies for everyone I couldn't afford to buying loads for myself, however I did buy myself some polish from Topshop as a special treat (my local Topshop doesn't have a makeup section - bad times.). These were my first polishes from Topshop and obviously I have to pop them on as soon as I got home!

I must say, I lurveeee them! They are very opaque with one coat and dry very quickly. Since I just applied them I can't tell you if they chip or not but to be honest they don't seem like they will chip quickly. The range of colours are amazing and unique, I literally couldn't choose! Only downside is the price, at £5 a polish they aren't cheap for the amount of product you get

Anyway, all in all I highly recommend these polishes, they come in loads of beautiful colours and I think you get what you pay for!

Have a lovely evening xx


  1. What is that topcoat ? so shiny !!! xxx

  2. @youlittlebeauty Thankyou! Discovered your blog yesterday, it's a lovely read :) x