Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Animal Print Nails: Fish Scales

This post is the first in a series! I'm really excited to be doing these animal print themed manis, they are very on trend and really cute, plus they're a fun way to add detail! My first mani in the series is this fish scale mani! I was inspired by the video below, I thought they looked gorgeous so I gave it a go! I must warn all you beginners, this mani definitely isn't the easiest one I've ever done. The outlining of the scales is quite time consuming and hard to duplicate on your dominant hand, so be careful before you start! You could always ask a friend to do it for you!
However hard this mani may be, I absolutely love how it turned out! It looks so intricate, and as always, the highest form of praise for me is people asking where I bought my stickers on my nails, and this happened twice! SCORE!

Give it a go, it's really worth the work!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next mani in the series: Zebra Print!

Becky xx