Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

Ello ello lovelies :).
First of all, I'm soooo sorry I've been away this long. I've been in France (back home) for the holidays and forgot my camera at uni *headdesk*. Then there was Christmas, then I was ill, then New Years, then I had surgery on my teeth (4 wisdom teeth gone). Basically, it's been rough!
But anyway, enough of that!
Hope you've all had a fab Christmas and all got very spoiled by Santa :). I got a couple of lovely goodies that I'll be sharing with you, and maybe even reviewing, but all in due time!
First off though, my lovely little sister (that's not so little anymore, she's 16), gave me my first set pf nail foils/wraps for Christmas.
I know, I know, these have been around a while and as a nail obsessed person I should have already tried them out. HOWEVER, I find them sooo pricey for what they are and considering I can pretty much do all the patterns myself anyway I just couldn't condone spending the little money I have on them.
My sister got me these one from Sephora:

They are called "A12 Gold Circles" and to be honest they are really beautiful. I was so excited to try them out! They retail for 8,90 euros so about £8 ish?
I popped them on this afternoon and this is what they look like:

I'm pretty proud of them for my first try! I think they look lovely and shiny and pretty. I popped top coat on them once I was done (S├Ęche Vite) and I'm not sure if this was a mistake because I noticed it made the edges turn upwards. I'm really not sure if this is a problem with my application, the nail wraps or if I just shouldn't have added a top coat! Ooopsies!

Well anyway, that's that. Would I buy them with my own money? Probably not unless I saw a gorgeous pattern for a special occasion. Would I use them again if I got them as a gift? Hells yeah, they are cool! Haha :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings guys, look out for some more posts coming soon. xxxxxx

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  1. Really pretty pattern! Don't think I'd spend that much on stickers either, but they look lovely :) -Chelsey