Sunday, 15 January 2012

OOTN: Outfit of the Night

Hey all! So I'm finally back at uni and this means meeting up with all my mates that I haven't seen in over a month! We've been going out quite a bit before term starts tomorrow and I just wanted to show you what I wore out the other night!
I didn't manage to get any typical "blogger" pics (mainly because I was in a hurry and I forgot -oops) but there is this picture that appeared on Facebook where you can see pretty much the whole outfit :)

*Lace "fashion" tights (M&S)
*Floral top (Charity shop)*Bodycon dress (M&S)
*Black cardi (I have no idea hehe)
*Black quilted bag with gold detail (Mango)
*My awesome ankle boots that I just got (New Look) - you'll have to imagine them on my feet!
*Gold watch necklace (Mum's)

On my hand:

*N°7 Stay Perfect Polish in "Lucky Lilac 50"
*Green and gold ring (Topshop)

Hope you all like, I thought the outfit came together really nicely!

Muahhh :* xxxx


  1. I love the florals - they were all over last week's Grazia!

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