Monday, 9 January 2012

PTSD: Post Traumatic Shopping Depression

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Oh dear. It's bad this time. Very bad indeed. I'm sure you all know (you being the very few people that will come to read this) on what I'm about to talk about. Hopefully you'll understand.

You go into a shop, have a wonder round, look at a few items and say: "Ooo, I'll come back to that later" and walk off in search of better things. Then, when you return home, you have an awful flashback of that top, dress or pair of shoes waiting for you, in the cold dark (now closed) shop, or in the arms of someone that obviously won't love it as much as you would have.

Damn memory loss!

As you may have seen I was in Jersey this weekend with the fam. We had a wander round the shops, I picked up my lush pair of ankle boots from New Look... I was happy. Until ... *cue violin*, I just remembered that lace dress in New Look.

On sale, black lace with nude underlay, classy, such a find! It had the ugliest of black satin bows on the front stopping it from looking chic but I would have helped it, saved it from itself by quickly removing it. It was also a size 14, but I had planned out what belt it was going to go with to cinch in that waist. Bad times (sobs)

It looked a little something like this. It's a sad day, it's not even online.

Guys, if you're reading this, let this be a lesson to you. Pick it up straight away! It'll save you the misery and melancholy I'm going through right now.

(Tbh it's all a bit dramatic, but it was a bargain and I missed it *silently kicking myself*. My fashion brain hates me right now)

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  1. Hi Becky

    I've just discovered your blog and it's brilliant! So well written and funny! Keep at it :)